One of the newly refurbished bedrooms

Refurbishment Programme On Track

20th November 2023 | Posted in Management

Since reacquiring The Lakes Care Centre in September 2023, the management team has been making excellent progress with its comprehensive refurbishment programme.

As part of the £1.5 million plan to return the centre to its former status as the number one care home in Tameside, the team has commissioned an array of important improvements. Many of these are now complete.

Bedroom Refurbishment

Staff and contractors have recently completed the refurbishment of a number of individual rooms. The work started with vacant bedrooms and will continue on a rolling basis. In addition to new painting and decorative works, rooms are also benefiting from new furnishings, mattresses and bed linen.

Carpet Installation

Bedrooms are just one of many areas in the centre to benefit from a facelift  and redecoration. New carpets, which have also been fitted to stairways, communal areas and corridors, has helped to give the building’s interior a bright new appearance. The carpets have been chosen to add a ‘homely’ feel and are made of short, densely woven fibres that make them suitable for regular traffic by wheelchair users. They don’t impede the movement of wheelchairs and they are extremely resistant to wear and compression, so they should retain their good looks for many years.

Other Improvements

Further work is in the pipeline. All buildings will benefit from enhanced WiFi connectivity and new CCTV systems for added security, and the surrounding grounds continue to be improved. All necessary roof repairs have now been completed, and remodelling works continue in the Kendal Suite, which will have a new layout, an upgraded fire safety system and new, energy-efficient double glazing.

We will post further updates shortly.

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