CCTV camera installation at the Coniston Suite

Improved WiFi, Safety and Security Measures

6th December 2023 | Posted in Management

Another key phase of the refurbishment of The Lakes Care Centre is now complete. Engineers have installed a new CCTV system that provides additional security for the premises, with cameras covering the grounds and key communal parts of the interior, including the reception area and other entrances.

Wi-Fi and Care Logs

The centre’s broadband service has also been upgraded. This is an important step, not only for residents who wish to use their phones and other devices, but also for staff. They use electronic tablets/handsets and specially developed software to record key information about the care that each resident receives.

Examples include logging when medicines have been taken, what drinks and meals have been ordered, and what other forms of care and treatment have been delivered – e.g. help with washing, hair and nail care, supported exercise, room cleaning, entertainment and so on.

Direct Nurse-Call Alerts

A related improvement has been the extension of our digital care record system to include a ‘live’ nurse-call alert system. By delivering notifications directly to carers’ handsets, rather than just to a central desk, we can ensure a quicker and more efficient response to any call for assistance.

Digital Reception and Visitor Log

We have also created a new digital reception. This enables visitors to sign in via a fixed portal at the reception desk. It uses photographic recognition to enable more security and control over who is entering the building, and it will also record whom each visitor has come to see. An added benefit is that it will act as a digital fire safety register, recording who is in the building at any given time. The data is accessed via a tablet, which means that if the fire alarm sounds, there is no need for staff to stop and collect a physical visitor book.

These and other measures are part of an ongoing refurbishment programme and a £1.5 million strategy of continuous improvement that seeks to make the Lakes Care Centre the most highly-regarded care home in Tameside.

We will publish further updates shortly.

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